Business building in Dubai

As the number one place to do business in the Middle East region, Dubai’s mainland business development is an extremely attractive choice for companies seeking access to the fast-growing markets in these regions.

A person is offered almost 2000 opportunities to start a business in Dubai. Once the choice has been made by an individual, the next step in the process is to have the company approved by the DED (Department of Economic Development).

Subsequently, individuals are provided with a huge list of business models available in mainland Dubai including many types of business like import or export, building an e-commerce website, or opening a simple confectionery shop before moving on to starting a business continue on the mainland.

Usually, SWOT analysis is a preferred option that offers great decision support to a person once they decide to start a business in Dubai. Additionally, it is very important to know the type of business one is looking to incorporate in Dubai as this will detail the type of license required by the individual or organization. The incorporation of a company may require the approval of government agencies.

Business building in Dubai

When starting a professional / service business in Dubai now, no local partner is required, you can use 100% ownership.

However, doing business on the mainland is a very extensive process, but with the support of Shuraa Business Setup and its affiliated offices around the world, ie. H. Shuraa Delhi – India Branch, Shuraa Dhaka – Bangladesh Branch, we make the process feasible.

According to World Bank statistics, Dubai is currently in the top 10 for starting a business.

The government has put in place a strict application process that everyone must follow to start a business in Dubai. Incorporating a company on the mainland also requires a valid name as it is an essential part of the court process. The name of business development in Dubai should indicate its type.

The incorporation deed of the prospective mainland company only requires the determination of a share of capital, while in some cases no minimum capital is even required at the time of incorporation.

What is Dubai’s mainland license?

When starting a business in mainland Dubai, individuals are offered every assistance to find the properties suitable for their requirements, as well as assistance with water, electricity, internet, and other amenities, otherwise one can opt for Shuraa Business Centres. Starting a business and renting business premises is a must.

The lease agreement, property regulator documentation, and EJARI must be submitted, after which initial approval will be given by the DED

Cost of incorporating a company in Dubai

Starting a business requires a significant upfront investment that is used for office space, employee visas, licensing fees, etc. These costs vary depending on the type of company to be incorporated (commercial, service, industry) and the type of legal form to be incorporated (branch, company, branch).

How much capital one needs to start a business depends on the form of the business – for example, a professional license is 27,000 – 30,000, while a commercial license is 32,000 – 35,000 and general trading 45,000 – 50,000.

Costs are also determined by factors such as B. where one intends to start a business, and whether the person chooses to do business on the mainland or in the free zone.

Both free zone and mainland companies have their pros and cons as both require different formalities to incorporate the company.

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