8 Technology Ideas to Make Working From Home Much More Efficient (and Fun).

Due to coronavirus, a lot of individuals are unexpectedly finding themselves working from the house for the first time. Modern technology makes this feasible. However, beyond the technology, you’ve already utilized in your job on a regular day, how can you use tech to make it simpler to function remotely?

8 Technology Ideas to Make Working From Home

Here are a couple of tech suggestions, tricks, as well as hacks– from Muse staff members, Muse occupation trainers, and also various other experts– that will certainly make functioning from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic simpler and also a little lot more enjoyable.

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1. Attempt a Different Application for Meetings.

Several work environments already utilize Slack for text-based communication, but the software application does far more than that. Shayne Sherman, Chief Executive Officer of TechLoris, suggests using Slack for internet meetings also. “The video clip calling with Slack allows you to conveniently shift from a chat to a video clip call while the chat continues to be open so you can still take notes.” Furthermore, Slack’s display share feature allows every person on the call to make notes on the display, reducing misunderstandings.

2. Recreate a “Live” Office Atmosphere.

Beyond meetings, Slack can additionally be made use of to recreate some form of being in the office. “Whenever possible, ask your concerns in a group channel,” claims Richard Dillman, Elder Application Designer at The Muse, that works remotely full-time. “Asking secretive chats resembles whispering in someone’s ear, while [doing the same] in the team space is the matching of rotating your chair around as well as asking. The ability to overhear conversations and also perhaps contribute is the largest point missing out on in WFH.”.

3. Share Video Messages.

Loom is an internet browser extension that allows you to share your screen and record video messages. You can do both at the same time with their video camera bubble function that shows you speaking off sideways of your display recording.

” Whether you need to present something, request assistance on something, or just share something that you discovered, you can make use of Loom to send it to your group as well as they can watch it each time that is convenient for them,” says Kiara Martilla, creator of the public relations and also social networks firm Kiara Jennifer & Co. That can suggest fewer video meetings for you and your team, as well as it’s additionally more comprehensive for any individual who can’t be online all the time– individuals who have to step away to deal with their youngsters, for instance.

You can also utilize Loom to “send out progress updates [and also] morale enhancing messages to managers, customers, as well as teams,” suggests Muse occupation instructor Evangelia Leclaire, owner of All set Establish Rock, which supplies organization and also work search seminars.

4. Develop Training as well as Presentation Video Clips.

Additional usage for Loom: building out a repository of how-to, training, and also FAQ videos, Leclaire says. This can be particularly beneficial now when in-person training is impossible.

Loom has made its technology a lot more easily accessible in reaction to COVID-19, by enhancing what you can do with the complimentary version, minimizing costs, and even removing fees for the education and learning sector.

5. Share Data Quickly.

If your company utilizes Google Drive and Slack, you can incorporate them to instantly import any files when you share them. Just share a Google Drive link on Slack and also Slack Robot will instantly ask you if you wish to incorporate it. If you do, Slack will notify you if anybody in the network you’re showing to does not have permission to access the file. You can likewise get Slack notices of remarks as well as changes to the paper.

8 Technology Ideas to Make Working From Home Much More Efficient (and Fun).

6. Make Your Schedule More Visible.

Setting up Slack’s Google Calendar App will connect your schedule to the platform so it can let your coworkers recognize when you remain in a conference if they attempt to message you– useful when there’s no in-person aesthetic sign (you’re not at your work desk) that you’re not available. You can additionally turn on Calendar alerts to receive Slack messages when your next calendar event is about to begin.

7. Stay on Top of Your To-Dos.

Asana is an additional device that can incorporate with the Google Collection to improve efficiency. “There is a cost-free version that you can incorporate with Google Calendar to keep on top of every one of your to-do products and also concerns along with due days,” Martilla says, permitting you to see at a glance on your calendar which tasks and also jobs you require to finish when. “That way when a Netflix binge feels appealing, you won’t leave anything neglected as well as reversed.” (Full disclosure: Asana is an existing customer of The Muse.).

8. Increase Your Emphasis and Efficiency.

Zenware is a type of software program that cuts out all the excess bells and also whistles (toolbars, icons, side rails, and so on) and also just shows you what is very important, states Kathryn Vercillo, author of Internet Dependency. For folks that need to do heads-down writing work, attempt WriteRoom ($ 9.99 in the Mac App Shop), which blocks out your entire screen so all you see is the message you’re creating, or OmmWriter ($ 6.69 for Mac or PC), which turns off e-mail and chat alerts as well as allows you pick a comforting background.

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