5 content ideas to make money with Facebook Live

Use the latest marketing trend to increase sales.
A question that often comes up when a business owner reads about the latest digital marketing tactics is, “How can I make money from this?”
The hottest trend right now is the live video: broadcasting in real-time over the internet through various platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, and many more.

If you’ve logged into Facebook at all in the past few months, chances are you’ve already come across a few live videos. With over 20 percent of videos on Facebook being streamed live, it’s almost impossible to avoid.

So before we dive into some of the different ways you can make money on Facebook Live, let’s go through a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready to go live:

A mobile device or computer with a (decent) camera
The Pages Manager app (if you plan to go live on your desktop or personal profile, you don’t need this)
A quick guide with all the steps to go live on Facebook
A presenter or topic with personality (no one wants to see a boring person on camera!)
Now that you know how to go live, here are some content ideas to help you generate leads and sales for your business:

1. Product launches

If you already have a community of customers who have bought from you before, then this idea is relatively simple. Reach out to your audience via social media, email, or other marketing channels to let them know you’re introducing your latest product via Facebook Live, and link it to your Page (or profile or group, wherever you are doing the live broadcast). For a fully integrated experience, make the product available for purchase through your Facebook shop.

To generate more interest and engagement, offer your live viewers an exclusive discount for your product. If there’s anything better than being one of the first to hear about a new product, it’s the chance to receive a discount as a reward for tuning in.

2. Product Reviews

If you are a blogger, coach, or social influencer, this is for you. You can conduct live product reviews and chat with your viewers about some of the exciting items you have to share. If you can time the live broadcast with the launch of the initial availability of that product, that’s even better.

If you are talking about the product or products, link the articles using the comments section or place them in the video description with your affiliate links. A popular method for many YouTubers who do product reviews is to feature products that are available on Amazon.com and then use their affiliate links to direct their audience to the product listed on the site.

3. Conduct a live auction.

This method might be a bit tricky, but if you keep the process simple, it can be fruitful and fun.

First, find the items you want to auction – these can be movie tickets, items donated by local businesses, last-minute items from your own inventory, etc. Then make sure you let your followers know ahead of time that you are hosting a live online auction for those items to get as many bidders as possible.

When you go live, go through the list of all the items you’re auctioning and give your viewers time to log in and watch your stream. When viewership reaches a decent number, start the auction. Ask people to use the video’s comments section to place their bids. When it comes time to select the winner, post their name and prize on stream, and ask a staff member who is off-stream to private message the winner on Facebook for purchase details.

4. Host an exclusive talk or workshop.

Webinars are a popular digital strategy for generating leads and sales. So why not take the same idea and implement it on Facebook Live?

There are many software tools and apps available to help you produce professional-quality live streams that look like a legitimate online event, with features like animated on-screen graphics, multi-camera feeds, remote desktop recording, and much more.

If you’re not able to produce local events, this can be a fun alternative. You can invite other speakers, speak on topics that interest your audience, and do all the things you would normally do at a physical event. If you want to sell tickets, you can host the show through a private Facebook group, which you may charge a fee to join. Or keep the show public, increase your potential reach and get people on your opt-in list, sell your products, or offer free content like you would at an in-person event.

5. Get advertisers to sponsor your video.

If you have a large following, you may be able to sell sponsorship opportunities to another company. Much like a network sells commercials that appear on its programs, you could introduce an advertiser as a partner for branded content on your show.

You’ll have to get creative on how this works, as Facebook doesn’t (yet) offer the ability to add pre-roll to your videos (you can use a third-party tool like Wirecast). They could offer to put the sponsor’s logo on the screen (again, using third-party broadcasting software), or it could be printed on a large background to appear behind the video subject. Or you could just mention and thank the sponsor mid-stream, much like a podcast would mention its sponsors. Drop their link in the video description and in the comments section.

The tricky part, however, is that Facebook has strict guidelines for displaying branded content on your page. First, you need to make sure that the branded content tool is available on your site. For more information on Facebook’s policies, click here.

When it comes to money and Facebook, you always need to do some research to make sure you’re within the network’s guidelines, which is acceptable. Facebook’s rules are constantly changing and if you don’t follow them, you risk losing your Facebook account.

Facebook has become more forgiving when it comes to how brands and publishers can use their platform to make money, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Nobody likes getting banned from their own Facebook page! If you’re not sure, we recommend consulting Facebook’s Help Center.

Also, don’t forget that the overall quality of your video makes a big difference in how your viewers interact with your content. If the audio sounds bad or the focus is off, you could potentially turn away viewers in the first few seconds of the stream. If video is an important part of your marketing strategy, consider collaborating with an outside agency to help you produce stunning videos and streams.

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