16 Ways You Can Utilize Your Technology Skills to Make $100,000 This Year

One hundred thousand bucks.

It type of has a great ring to it, doesn’t it? Making $100K has a type of mythological top quality to it. It seems like when you damage that six-figure limit, you’ve made it. It’s the kind of success that’s not just subjective, it’s unbiased. Nobody would certainly risk calling you a loafer if you’re generating that kind of dough.

 Technology Skills to Make $100,000 This Year

Yet just how do you reach $100K? I indicate that’s a great deal of money. Especially if you’re currently making half that (or less). Individuals do it regularly, yet it doesn’t feel like anybody ever informs you how.

Right here’s some fantastic information: In the technology world, $100K is a pretty “typical” salary for a lot of particular jobs.

Developers, analysts, developers, as well as even marketing experts often break that six-figure mark without spending 20 years on duty. And also as a freelancer or startup creator specifically, you can get there quicker than you could think.

Here are 16 tricks to earning $100K that you can start acting on now.

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1. You Need to Have In-demand Abilities.

Is this one offered? Let’s face it– it’s fantastic to wish to make $100,000 doing what you like. But that does not make it reasonable. Unless you’re hosting likely to crush it as a consultant this year, you have to have abilities that are in-demand enough to necessitate making that type of cash at the workplace.

The most in-demand tech abilities transform with time, yet today they include:

Ruby and Ruby on Rails (which you can find out all about in our Ruby Occupation Blueprint!).
Mobile style and also development.
Data administration, specifically with substantial information sets.
Understanding any one of those abilities will make you much more beneficial and worth paying $100K.

2. You Need to deserve $100K.

If you’re not offering more than $100,000 well worth of value to your company, after that why would they pay you that a lot? The key to making extra on your own is to gain even more for those who are paying you.

Check out the worth you currently supply to your employer. (If you’re uncertain exactly how to determine your worth at work, FastCompany has a wonderful write-up on the subject.) If it does not greatly go beyond $100,000, after that your chances of obtaining a raise to that point are slim to none. Figure out what you can do to raise that worth to make sure that it’s way greater than $100K and afterward you’ll have to utilize it for getting the raise you deserve.

16 Ways You Can Utilize Your Technology Skills to Make $100,000 This Year

3. Diversify Your Incomes.

Say you have a day task you enjoy, yet you’re making $75,000. And also you know there’s no hope of getting a raise any time soon (especially a $25,000 one). You may assume your only choice is to switch over jobs if you want to go across that six-figure mark.

But rather, check out diversifying your earnings. There are a lot of ways to do that. Freelancing is one of the most typical. If you can find a freelancing job making a little over $2K a month, after that your total profits for the year will certainly cross $100K.

You might additionally create an item (or a details product like an ebook or class) or take a part-time task.

Making an added $2K each month could appear like a load. Yet in tech, that can suggest:

  • Composing two posts each week for leading website design and development blogs or managing a corporate blog.
  • Handling a company’s social media presence.
  • Tackling 1 or 2 freelance web design or dev projects.
  • Giving maintenance contracts for a couple of internet sites.

Those are all side hustles that can fit around full-time work.

4. Job Your Tail Off.

This set isn’t one of the most popular on the list, however, if you’re not working at least 40 hrs a week, you’re possibly not going to make 6 figures. Sure, there are individuals out there that function less than 40 hours a week and make even more, yet most of them have a minimum of started functioning way a lot more hrs.

This can not constantly be a long-lasting approach. Functioning 80 hrs a week for greater than a couple of months (or perhaps weeks) can very promptly result in exhaustion, even if you like your work and are making substantial amounts of cash. But you may require to resign on your own to functioning 40 to 50-hour weeks regularly until you get your profits up and develop yourself.

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5. Do Something You Love.

This connects right to the last one. If you love what you’re doing, after that placing in longer hours isn’t such a big deal. You additionally placed even more passion right into your work, so you do much better work. When you enjoy your job, it shows in the end product.

If you’re unsure about just how to find a job that you’ll like, take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Turn Your Interest to Revenue to obtain a full roadmap for locating work you’re thrilled to do every day.

6. Become an Expert.

It’s a basic fact: Professionals earn money a lot more. When you’ve established on your own as a professional in your field, individuals are willing to pay you, even more, to do what you do.

The fantastic feature of being a professional is that it’s not that difficult to develop on your own as one.

  • Be fantastic at what you do (whether that’s coding, marketing, style, or anything else). This set is key. It does not imply you have to be The most effective, but you do need to be good.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn account depends on the day as well as showcases your know-how.
  • Get your name available connected with that thing. You can do that with the posts, social media, books, videos, or anything else you intend to produce.
  • Do some informative meetings with recognized blog sites and internet sites that showcase what you know as well as have to use.
  • Display anywhere you have actually been included and also anywhere you’ve obtained content related to your expertise on your website or portfolio.

Certain, it’s not something you can do overnight. But in a few months, you can end up being a professional in your area and start reaping the income rewards from that.

7. Specialize in Something Specific.

The even more particular your specialty, the more valuable you can become to your company or customers. Being incredible at one thing in tech can be worth means more than being fine at several various things.

You can also check out it as understanding one sector truly, really well. Let’s state you’re searching for better-paying work, either in the corporate globe or as a consultant. As opposed to casting a super-wide net, try focusing on one market.

As an example, when I was hunting for a steadier job in 2015 (from a freelancing history), I recognized that technology companies were going to be a much better fit since that’s what I have concentrated on for several years, even though material advertising and marketing can be carried out in virtually any type of industry.

8. Produce Passive Revenue.

If you enjoy your day job or your current freelancing jobs, the concept of including much more or transforming occupations just to make more cash does not appear enticing. Yet at the same time, if you’re already functioning as several hours as you fit in a week, you can feel like you’re stuck and will certainly never make even more money.

Fortunately, there are points around that can develop a lot more easy income, that generates revenue for you on a long-term basis with minimal regular input. If you’re a web designer, for instance, you can develop a series of premium themes for the market. Those motifs only require periodic maintenance and also upgrading as content management systems transform, yet can create profits for you daily.

Think about attachments as well as premium items you can develop when and just need to put a little bit of maintenance and updating initiative into periodically. Including passive revenue in your routine revenue can swiftly add up to a 6 number of earnings.

9. Automate Everything.

Okay, maybe not whatever, but anything that you can handle to automate, you need to seriously think about automating. As well as specific points you can not bill for (like administrative jobs).

If you automate work that isn’t directly making you (or your firm) cash, then you can spend the moment you gain on an even more fulfilling and profitable job. Some easy tasks to automate include:

  • Billing and invoicing (specifically sending out reminders).
  • Email and social media site marketing initiatives (there are all kinds of applications that can automate these jobs for you or a minimum of the execution of these jobs).
  • Examining your layouts or code.

Very closely related to this is contracting out tasks that can not conveniently be automated yet do not directly gain you cash. Points like checking and also responding to emails can conveniently be handled by an online assistant.

10. Establish an Objective.

Establishing goals can assist you to concentrate on what is essential to you. Making the idea of making $100K right into a concrete goal can assist you to keep in mind that’s what you’re pursuing. It aids to take shape in your mind what you desire as well as why you desire it.

11. Develop an Activity Strategy to Reach Your Goal.

Goals are excellent, yet you need to take it a step further and also really identify exactly how to reach that goal. The goal here is to earn $100,000 each year. To do that you may:

  • Find out five premium themes you can develop for passive revenue (check out Paul Jarvis’s WordPress styles as an example).
  • Select a side hustle you would certainly love to handle outside of your daily task.
  • Decide on 3 locations you can automate to liberate extra billable hrs.
  • Or begin pitching guest articles on blog sites so you can develop on your own as an expert (these may not pay in the beginning, till you have a body of published jobs to show).

It matters not which path you choose to take to get to your goal, just that you invest time planning just how you’ll get there.

12. Visualize.

The normal knowledge surrounding visualization and also positive thinking is that you should imagine on your own achieving your goal as a way to encourage yourself and make it take place.

Yet recent research studies have revealed that envisioning on your own taking steps towards your objective works better than simply picturing the end outcome.

So as opposed to picturing yourself on your own with that $8,334 (provide or take a dollar) regular monthly paycheck, imagine yourself creating a premium style, taking on a new customer, or creating video clips to establish your competence.

13. Hone Your Individual’s Abilities.

If you truly intend to gain a lot more, you need to have good people skills. And after that, you need to utilize those skills.

Let’s claim you have decided you intend to locate a higher-paying task as opposed to attempting to obtain raises at your existing one. While sending resumes may eventually cause a better job, going out and also speaking to people in the market can function much faster and also better. Getting a personal recommendation for a job can relocate your resume to the top of the heap, and give you extra influence in discussing a better income.

Networking does not need to be hard or scary! Get all the info you need in our Ultimate Overview to Non-Sleazy Networking, a 40-page ebook that covers everything from getting over networking anxieties and also cleaning elbows on occasions, to set up in-person meetings as well building partnerships based on sharing instead of cashing in on connections.

14. Handle Your Time.

Unless you’ve in some way procured your hands on Hermione’s Time Turner (exactly how amazing would certainly that be?), most of us have the very same number of hrs in the day. The only difference is available in just how we handle them.

Taking advantage of the hrs you do have can imply the difference between keeping your mid-five-figure wage and making the dive to 6.

Your day work takes up 8 hours. You sleep for 8 hours. You want to invest at least a couple of hours with your family. And also let’s figure out that fundamental health, consumption, and more are mosting likely to take another couple hrs a day. That leaves you with four hours. Do you wish to invest those four hours on a Netflix binge? Okay, maybe from time to time, yet not every night!

Wouldn’t you instead spend a minimum of some of those four hours doing something that will make you more money or make you extra productive? Would certainly trading two hours an evening to double your income in the next year deserve it? I sure believe so!

15. Maintain Knowing.

The even more you know, the even more value you can give any type of situation. Continuously boosting your skills and learning points related to your job (also abstractly) makes you more probable to continue to develop in your job. And improvement equates to even more money!

If you’re brand-new to tech, Skillcrush’s complimentary 10-day Tech Term Bootcamp is a great place to start finding out. And also when you’re ready to advance your abilities, our Occupation Blueprints will obtain you when driving to a six-figure job in just 3 months!

16. Be Nice, Yet Be Assertive.

No person intends to collaborate with someone who’s dreadful to be about. But at the same time, there is such a thing as being too wonderful. You need to fix a limit at being so good you’re being made use of.

Don’t be afraid to insist on your own when it pertains to your suggestions and also viewpoints, specifically on tasks that will make your company money. Being respectful as well as paying attention to the suggestions of others is necessary, but so is revealing your take on the job you’re doing. Do not be afraid to speak out in a meeting if you have a suggestion for making things far better.

If you’re as well frightened to speak up in a meeting, try emailing the stakeholders from that meeting afterward. As your ideas start to acquire grip, you’ll most likely grow comfier with speaking up at the moment!

Technology is one of the most effective industries for earning 6 figures! If you’re still not exactly sure if it’s the appropriate path for you, check out our free 10-day Technology Terms Bootcamp to get a fun taste of what an occupation in technology can mean for you!

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