12 easy ways to make extra money at home

A side income feels like being rich when you already have a job that pays the bills.
It doesn’t have to be that complicated to earn some extra side money. As someone who has been in the online income generation space for almost two decades, I can tell you that it takes some work. However, there are several clear paths forward. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what your goals are and how much you want to automate your income.
Could you make an extra $200 a month? Secure. How about an extra $1000 per month? How would that change your life? For most, it would make a tremendous difference. But what if we were talking about thousands or even tens of thousands more every month? How would that change your life path?

Although we all have a little more time, it often doesn’t feel like it. But it also doesn’t take too much effort to make some extra batter on the side. We’re not talking millions and millions here – we’re mostly talking about running small, bite-sized projects to generate quick bucks. And depending on your skills, you could easily make a few hundred dollars or even a few extra thousand a month.

1. Become a virtual assistant.

An easy way to make money from home is to help others complete tasks as a virtual assistant. If you are well organized and can manage your time properly, working as a virtual assistant is a smooth entry into the digital services industry.

Finding virtual assistant work can be easily done through sites like Upwork, Indeed.com, and Remote.co. Search the existing advertised jobs and create offers.

2. Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist.

A large portion of our society earns a full-time income by selling items on Craigslist and eBay. You can do this by selling your own items, or you can help sell items for other people and receive a small commission. Selling on eBay offers more friction than on Craigslist, and you need to build solid reviews before you can start moving high-priced items.

However, eBay provides sellers with resources to help them get used to selling on the platform. If you have solid online marketing skills, you will find this much easier than if you are a total newbie to the world of digital marketing.

3. Online tutoring

Sites like Skooli, Tutor Me, and Tutor.com offer resources to get you started with online tutoring. Although you don’t have to use a platform like these, they offer a less smooth entry point into the market. You can also search for online tutoring gigs on a variety of other websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and many more.

What Types of Things Can You Teach Online? You can easily teach a subject like math or science and teach a language at the same time if you are bilingual. They can also teach musical instruments such as guitar or piano, as well as a range of other subjects.

4. Sell Services on Fiverr

Fiverr has grown a lot since its inception. Today it’s a huge marketplace where you can sell almost any service under the sun. This is great if you are a digital nomad looking to make money online or even sitting at home in your pajamas on your laptop.

5. Rent out your home.

Another way to make money at home is to actually rent out your home. Airbnb has carved a sizable industry out of vacation rentals. While the market existed prior to the arrival of Airbnb, it has certainly grown by leaps and bounds since it arrived on the scene.

Airbnb bought luxury vacation rental provider, Luxury Retreats, and other consolidations in the market took place with leading sites including InvitedHome’s acquisition of PPG rentals and Seasoned Dreams’ platforms and a $3.9 billion acquisition of another vacation rental giant, HomeAway, through Expedia. The market is booming and the time is right to get started, no matter how big or small your home or condo is.

6. Start an eCommerce site.

Ecommerce is booming. While Amazon takes the lion’s share, consumers flock to buy when they can snag great deals. In fact, some of the top online marketers like Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, David Sharpe, John Reese, and many others are using free-plus-shipping e-commerce and book funnels to make small fortunes. This comes back to implementing sales funnels in an e-commerce environment.

7. Start a blog.

Blogs are probably one of the best ways to generate passive income even if you travel the world. While starting a blog might be easy, you need to put in the work and effort to reap the benefits. Plant the seeds now to enjoy the harvest later.

However, once this blog gets off the ground, it’s easy to generate an income and grow your business. As your blog grows in popularity, you can also attract top talent who are willing to write for you, simply in exchange for a very strong link back to their own sites.

8. Build a side business.

There are many lucrative side business ideas that you could start from the comfort of your own home. While getting started is easy, actually getting the work to market and growing these companies is a bit more difficult.

While you could start a regular business selling someone else’s products, you could also invent your own product. While starting invention-based companies may seem more complex, they offer attractive investment opportunities, as portrayed on popular shows like Shark Tank.

9. Create webinars

I’ve become obsessed with the webinar medium for sales. Building automated webinars is one of the most useful skills you can have, like entrepreneur Jason Fladlien who has made $100 million in sales from webinars by only selling other people’s products and not his own.

Webinars follow a specific template and format. They are formulaic. Find a great business idea or opportunity to sell that offers tremendous value.

10. Social Media Management.

Social media management is a great way to generate income from home. With the expansion of social media, businesses are screaming to find their way in front of potential customers. However, most businesses have no idea how to increase their presence. That’s where you come in.

Building a social media management business might take some effort and time, but it’s worth it. You could charge a sizable monthly fee for any business to help manage their social media, allowing you to make a full-time income from that gig.

Liz Benny, the founder of Jinga Social, has not only built one of the largest and most well-known social media management companies out there but has also created several seven-figure webinars teaching, you guessed it, people how to launch their own social media management company.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing represents a very smooth entry point into selling products online. While you do need a specific audience to sell those products or services to, you could make a significant amount of money in the process from the comfort of your own home. Some products or services have very high earnings per click. That said, if you play your cards right, you can easily make a big profit from conversions by driving traffic to specific offers, as long as you’re targeting the right interests.

You can find affiliate marketing offers on sites such as ClickBank, CJ.com, and Rakuten LinkShare, among others. Look for the right offer and make sure you’re presenting it to the right audience and not spamming anyone about it. Make your marketing ethical.

12. Create online courses.

Well, this requires an upfront investment of time. But like any other passive income-generating activity, you do the work once and get paid for it repeatedly.

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